Foundation for Beginner – Which Formula?

Foundation is one of the crucial element in your makeup because it can give out a clean canvas for you to work out when applying your makeup. You can put all the colours in the world on your eyes, cheeks and lips but it takes the perfect face base to make the perfect face.

For beginners, it can be quite confusing to choose the perfect foundation. Aside from shade of tone, they also come in different formula. So what formula is the perfect one for you?

Tinted Moisturizer and BB Cream

I know some of you would probably scream at me for putting Tinted Moisturizer (TM) and BB Cream (BBC) under the same heading. But it serves the same purpose for me.

Coverage: very sheer and only even out skin tone minimally. Not going to work for dark circles, acne scars and any other imperfections.

When: for everyday use when you’re planning for a laid back day  or when you don’t need to meet a lot of people and you just need to look made up for the office. I’m sure many of us experience those kinds of days.

Who: perfect for those with minor imperfection on the face, clear complexion or doesn’t mine the lack of coverage.

How: Dot the TM/BBC into many parts of your face and spread it out evenly using your finger or duo fiber brush.

Note: Although some BBC have heavier coverage but most lean toward very sheer coverage like TM, therefore I put it on the same category. Especially to my medium deep skin tone, most BBC tone run too white for me therefore I can only use it very lightly.


Coverage: Sheer, medium to full coverage. Depends on the formula of the liquid foundation.

When: Sheer can be treated as the same way as TM but for a day where you need more coverage you will need medium to full coverage liquid foundation.

Who: there’s one for every skin type. Usually people with dry to normal skin will find sheer to medium coverage work with soft shimmer sparkle work better for them. Whereas the oily skin type prefer matte finish with medium to full coverage.

How: liquid foundation can look flawless on your face if you know how to use them. We don’t recommend using your fingers or sponge, but use your brush instead. Do invest in good quality of brush, because a flawless face starts from the stroke of your brush.


Coverage: Full.

When: Where you need to cover up imperfection in your face and you need a really made up face for a party or more formal function.

Who: Cream foundations are usually targeted to dry skin because they contain more water and moisture compared to liquid or stick foundation.

How: Use it the same way you use your liquid foundation. If your cream foundation is really thick and it looks like a pressed powder, then I prefer to use kabuki brush to apply the foundation in circular motion to the face.


Coverage: Full.

When: Use it when you need the coverage but you’re in a hurry to do your makeup. This ingenious product will save your day.

Who: Usually stick foundation works best with the oily skin type because its consistency that can grab the skin despite of it being oily. Also, the formula of stick foundation tends to be drying therefore people withvery dry skin you will need a lot of help when you want to use this. Usually I would spray a face mist prior to applying my stick foundation to give it more moisture and make it more blendable.

How: Draw lines on your nose line, cheeks, jaw and forehead and blend the foundation using flat-shaped brush for easier blending.


Coverage: Medium to full.

When: If you’re really in a hurry to get out of the door in the morning.

Who: It can be used for all skin types but you need to watch carefully mid-day and touch up your makeup.

How: Even though powder foundation usually comes with a puff but I prefer to use very fluffy brush to apply the powder foundation flawlessly.

Mineral Makeup (MMU)

Coverage: Comes in all kinds of coverage.

When: Depending on the coverage and situation.

Who: Perfect for sensitive skin, or if you’re looking for a break from the liquid foundation.

How: The ‘magic system’ when using mineral makeup foundation, since it’s in powder form is to pick up the product, tap and buff in circular motion. Make sure you don’t pick up too much of product at first go. Build up your coverage as you wish.

Here are several question that often arises in relation to MMU foundation:

  • Do I need to wear primer when I’m wearing MMU foundation? The answer is yes! Treat MMU foundation the same way you treat any other foundation and follow the same step.
  • Do I still need to set the MMU foundation with a powder? The answer is Yes and No. Yes when you think you need to set the foundation so it looks set and will help to stay fresh the whole day. But No if you think that the finish is already what you’re looking for. So it all comes back to you.

So what foundation formula is your favourite? To be honest, I haven’t found mine. I love every single type of foundation out there.

source: by DesZeLL

for those who beginner like me.. this article help! 😀